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Actress hospitalized after traffic altercation


Fullerton, CA (MediaFetcher ) - Actress has been reported to be in serious condition and taken to Golden State Regional Hospital after a minor traffic accident that escalated into a physical altercation in Fullerton CA, a suburb 30 minutes south east of Los Angeles.

Witness reports indicate that 's BMW struck a pickup truck towing landscaping equipment. Three men exited the truck and extracted her from the vehicle then began kicking and punching the actress before fleeing the scene.

"She didn't have a chance against these men who attacked her before she said a single word to them", replied a visibly shaken onlooker.

was unresponsive upon the arrival of police officers and EMT's, but appeared to be breathing according to eyewitness reports.

This story is developing as we await confirmation regarding the eyewitness details and official health status.